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Educational Technology
Indexing and Abstracting
Collection Management and Development
Organization of Information Sources (Basic Course)
Organization of Information Sources (Advanced Course)
Library Management & Organization
Library Cooperation & Networking
Educational Technology

I.  Course Description:
II.  Course Outline
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     A.  Definition & History   

     B.  ET in the 20th Century

     C.  The Influence of Theory in ET   

     D. The ET's Job

     E.  Principles in the Use of ET

      F.  Creating, Evaluating and Selecting Instructional Resources 

 1.  Dale's Cone of Experience

            2.  Types and Sources of Instructional Resources

     G.  Bloom's Taxonomy of Objectives

  1.  Three Domains of Learning

            2.  Hierarchy / Categories of Educational Objectives


             3.  The Revised Bloom According to

      H.  Theories of Learning & Instructional Design

      I.  The Different ET Formats 

     a.  Computers in Education

III.  Course Calendar

IV.  Course Requirementsrticles/13739

V.  Grading System

Course Requirements


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